Our hand made cream serums are formulated in our laboratories and may help reduce any degree of existing facial wrinkles by decreasing their depth. The ingredients will firm and hydrate the skin by moisturising and thickening the epidermis. The high content of stable vitamin C ester will help synthesis new collagen and prevent cellular damage and collagen and elastin breakdown. In addition our anti oxidants we use may help prevent free radical damage.

Presently we have four anti ageing serums. A concentrate for just around the eyes to reduce bags & dark circles ;  a facial day serum with antioxidants ; a facial night serum with vitamin A ; a hydroxy acid peel for removal of dead cells and regenerating of new skin .  

All our creams come with a high quality and concentration peptide up to 20%, which behaves like botox without the injections. We use high grade stable vitamin C esters up to 15%. A gentle vitamin A film in our night formulas that rejuvinates our skin at its most optimal time promoting skin texture and hydration. We also incorporate our hyaluronic acid which acts as a humectant drawing moisture into the dermis. We also incorporate lipoic acid for its firming actions and vitamin E acetate for its anti oxidant properties. Glycosaminoglycans are also included to decrease the collagen and elastin breakdown. Niacinamide is also included in our formulas to remove any uneven hyperpigmented areas.  

Custom made medicines can work with your anti ageing doctor to formulate specific ingredients to target and improve areas. We have recently been including estrogens , with a prescription, to reverse some of the ageing processes.

Custom made medicines also have a variety of Medik-8 products to partner with our laboratory made formulas.


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