At custom made medicine we have topical therapies which target the trigger spots of migraine, cluster or  tension headaches.

Namely above the eyebrow, on forehead or base of the skull.

We formulate the active ingredients in a base that delivers the active ingredients to the site , and in addition does not allow the actives to circulate away from the area but stay in the one spot delivering relief.

Instead of taking oral pain relief which circulates all over the body, why not try one of our formulas which targets directly where  the  headache is occurring.

We use anti inflammatory pain relief which also has  vaso constrictive actions on a dilated vessels.

We can custom formulate a mild anaesthetic numbing agent with a cooling effect.

If tension is the trigger our high dose magnesium with other muscle relaxants like guaphenisin and cyclobenzaprine in a speed gel base may be the secret to inhibiting the start of a new headache.

If your choice is oral therapy ,then we have formulas that if used early on may halt the progression to full blown migraine with vaso constrictive actions. We can even custom add an anti-nauseant and or an agent to speed up the speed of action.

If you suffer from menstrual headaches we can do saliva tests to see if you may be low or high in a particular hormone. We can then  work with your doctor to pinpoint the problem then custom make a cream which should re balance the need to be taking oral over the counter medication continually. Over time tolerance and re bound headaches may become a problem.   

We can help prevent these problems .  

Some preparations may need a prescription.  


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