Testosterone In Women

Testosterone in women increases sexual interest & gives a woman a sense of well being. It increases muscle mass & strength. It helps maintain memory, helps skin from sagging, decreases body fat and helps maintain bone strength.

If testosterone is low, muscle wasting can occur, with weight gain, fatigue, low self esteem and anxiety, dry thin skin and hair, with poor skin elasticity particularly around eyelids, cheeks that sage and thin lips.   

Causes of low testosterone could be menopause, childbirth, chemotherapy, adrenal stress or burnout, depression, oral contraceptives or cholesterol statin lowering medicines.

Testosterone may be raised naturally by decreasing calorie intake, increasing protein intake abd taking amino acids particularly arginine, leucine and glutamine. Aiming to get enough sleep, loosing excess  weight, reducing stress and supplementing with zinc or copper if deficient. 

If however testosterone cannot be increased naturally, topical therapy is the safest. The site of application must be rotated to avoid hair growth. In order for testosterone to work safely & effectively, estradiol a type of estrogen must be present so that the testosterone can attach to brain receptors.  

If testosterone surges too high, women may experience anxiety, agitation, anger, depression, fatigue, salt and sugar cravings. Unwanted hair growth on body or face or hair loss on head with insulin resistance may arise. 

This is why hormones need to be adjusted so that the correct proportion to each other is obtained for safe and positive outcomes.   


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