Weight Loss

Most diets are designed to attain a short term weight loss without emphasis on lifestyle changes, particularly in nutrition, exercise and stress management. Patients may lose weight, but then re-gain it because the diet was too restrictive or unhealthy to continue as a life long plan. There are no commercial diets which address underlying hormonal or metabolic disorders which can make it difficult for someone to lose and maintain their weight. Hormonal imbalances in thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, DHEA, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and liver function  can all affect weight loss. For most diets along with the weight loss and fat loss, there is a loss of lean muscle. This lean muscle loss will slow metabolism and thus will result in rebound weight gain. The diets that cause muscle loss are starvation diets, very low calorie diets on their own, long term appetite suppressants and diets that require eating less than 3 meals per day.

The hypothalamus harbours the nerve centres for hunger and sotiety. Here at custom made medicine, we use a sublingual therapy treatment which targets the hypothalamus. This treatment forces the hypothalamus to give up the abnormal fat reserves at the same time as the patient being put on a very low calorie diet. Typically on a very low calorie diet, a patient generally loses around 400g of abnormal fat per day. With every kilogram lost it equals 1cm less around the waist. Each 400g of fat has approximately 3500 calories and this 3500 calories is available to them for energy and nutrients. Average patients lose around 11-12kg of 11% of bodyweight.

Thus, this treatment removes stored fat whilst sparing lean muscle. The treatment given only targets the abnormal fat and not the normal or structural fat. By releasing these calories in a single day, there is decreased hunger, cravings, increased energy and metabolism.

The course is between 23-42 days. We provide you with a list of the 500 calorie a day food intake for the duration of the course and maintenance phase. During the weight loss phase we monitor your progress after one week and then towards the end of the course. After the weight loss course we guide the patient on a maintenance phase over 6 weeks. This will reset the hypothalamus in the future so it does not store fat in abnormal fat reserves.

There are certain blood tests required to make sure it is safe for you to use this treatment, please contact us for a list of these and other possible contraindications or conditions requiring special care. Adjustments of medications may be necessary as weight decreases. This is a good thing!

The sublingual treatment we provide should be looked upon as a transition of a lifestyle change of regular exercise, proper nutrition and stress management.

We have other diets available if this is not suitable, please contact us for further information.


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