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Saliva & Urine Hormone Testing

There are three different test forms to assess hormonal levels, serum (blood), urine and saliva. There is no best way to measure hormones. Each method has its advantages and pitfalls. When people are making their own hormones, any of the popular testing modalities (serum, saliva, urine) are used to identify a significant hormone deficiency or excess. Here at custom made medicine, we deal with saliva and urine testing.

Weight Loss Solutions

Have you ever thought about losing a few kilos or more? At custom made medicine we have many therapies and educational guides in order for you to shift that weight the healthy way! Our friendly staff will only be too happy to help and will be there every step of the way with guidance, support and much needed motivation!

Anti-Ageing Solutions

Ageing is a natural part of life, however at custom made medicine, we can improve the signs of ageing with our very own custom made serums and creams, lotions and formulas aimed at keeping your skin and body looking younger than ever!

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