DHEA ( dihydroepiandrosterone ) converts into several different active hormones in the bodt, including testosterone and estradiol ( a estrogen ). It strengthens muscles, keeps mucous membranes soft and moist, promotes hair growth under the arm and in the pubic area, stimulates immunity, boosts energy levels and mood, fights anxiety and depression, increases libido in women and enhances memory and relieves joint pain.

Without sufficient DHEA, your face will look strained, your eyes will be dry and your hair dry and lifeless. The hair under your arms & pubis area will be scant. You may feel insecure, anxious, gloomy and sad with not enough energy.

Typically DHEA signs and complaints occur more or less permanently through the day, and in women the signs may mildly increase with physical activity, when the muscles are used and can affect most body tissues. A predominance is usually in axillary and pubic areas.

Typical DHEA deficiency complaints include moderate fatigue, depression with moderate anxiety, a low resistance to stress, and low sexual desire & sexual satisfaction in women. Physically the eyes and skin are dry. poor muscle development but clearly a reduced armpit hair and in pubic area.

DHEA deficiency may increase the frequency and severity of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Blood tests are usually the best lab test to diagnose DHEA deficiency, particularly the DHEA sulphate which is the most important form in the blood.

The first way to boost DHEA is by optimising the lifestyle, including eating a better diet.  Eat enough calories, follow a ” paleolithic ” diet with fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and fish, and eat organically.

If the dose is too high in the first few weeks hair and skin will be oily. Then acne will progress. After 6-18 months an increase in body hair, upper scalp hair loss, an android body shape and an over growth in muscle development.


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