Hair Loss

It is now known that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a metabolite of testosterone and is a primary agent responsible for premature hair loss.

Other causes such as;

Thyroid deficiences cause less conversion of testosterone to estridiol and the conversion of testosterone to DHT increases proportionally.

Both these imbalances stimulate body hair growth.

Cortisol deficiency ends up producing through other pathways greater amounts of androgenic hormones like DHEA and androstenedione. This cause a virilisation and excess body hair.

The essential step is to detect and treat any underlying hormone of food deficiencies or excesses that cause of aggravate hirsutism. Here at custom made medicine, we can view your blood results and help guide you towards a suitable treatment.

If there is no hormonal imbalance we have topical hair loss treatments which may help thicken and generate new hair growth by combining medicines with complementary modes of action. These are formulated in our laboratory. We use higher strengths of minoxidil which thicken and lengthen hair follicles. We use a variety of DHT blockers such as azaleic acid, finasteride or dutasteride which prevent the formation of DHT, the main hormonal culprit in hair loss. We also use retinoic acid which is out of the vitamin A family, which increases cell turnover thus increasing the rate of hair growth. It also has been shown to increase the absorption of minoxidil so hair growth can appear even faster.

These topical formulations require 4-6 months of application to see noticable hair thickening.


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