Nutritional Supplementation


Methylation in a basic science form is taking a methyl group called 5-methyl-tetra-folate and homocysteine and use this to produce tetrahydrofolate and methionine or it may be explained like this “reactions in our metabolism that involve the transfer of a...


Pyrroles are an inherited disorder that results in an increased production of hydroxyhemopyrroline-2-one (HPL)leading. A pyrrole is a left over bi-product,so is a waste product from the making of haemoglobin cells. The problem is that on this HPL molecule some...

Nutritional Supplementation

Health is the most important part of life, without health your body is unable to function and adapt to life as it should, which is why here, at custom made medicine, we are all for health and helping you find the best version of you!

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