Pyrroles are an inherited disorder that results in an increased production of hydroxyhemopyrroline-2-one (HPL)leading. A pyrrole is a left over bi-product,so is a waste product from the making of haemoglobin cells. The problem is that on this HPL molecule some have a spot that can lock up vitamin B6 and zinc permanently which are then excreted. The more HPL floating around , the more unwell the person feels. Pyrrole people typically ramp up and go into rages very quickly. In women it is not anger but mainly found in men.

It is often referred to as the mauve factor because back in 1958 the urine of psychiatric patients appeared mauve when they were having an acute schizophrenic symptoms then disappeared when symptoms resolved.  A Dr called Dr Pfeiffer found that by combining vitamin B6 and zinc many of the positive and negative symptoms improved.

The normal cut off for HPL  normal is below 10 micrograms/dL. Borderline is 10-15 micrograms/dL. Elevated is greater than 15 micrograms/dL. In acute psychiatric episodes this HPL level can go up as high as 400 units.

HPL is tested via the urine. It must be done at specific collection centres as HPL degrades quickly.  

Thus a pyrrole disorder results in vitamin B6 deficiency with zinc deficiency as well. The zinc deficiency is made worse with low gastric acid secretion.  The low B6 deficiency also leads to an arachidonic acid deficiency (part of the omega 6 pathway) because they cannot convert linoleic acid to arachidonic acid because B6 is usually involved.      

Symptoms associated with pyrrole disorder and with elevated urinary HPL are- poor dream recall, nail zinc spots, stretch marks, pale skin/poor taning, knee and joint pain, acne, allergy, cold hands or feet, abdominal tenderness, constipation, morning nausea, poor morning appetite, light sound or odour intolerance, tremor/shaking/spasms, hypoglycaemia/glucose intolerance, obesity, migraine, delayed puberty, irregular periods, anxiety, depression, paranoia, hallucinations, disordered perceptions, bipolar disorder, autism, stress intolerance, impotence, B6-responsive anaemia, attention deficit /hyperactivity, crime & delinquency, substance abuse, alcoholism, emotional liability, explosive anger, dyslexia, familial or social withdrawal.

The following neurobehavioural disorders are associated with elevated with HPL ; acute intermittent porphyria 100%, down syndrome 71%, acute schizophrenia 59-80%, chronic schizophrenia 40-50%, manic depression 47-50%, depression (non schizophrenic) 12-46%, autism 46-48%, epilepsy 44%, learning disability ADHD 40-47%, alcoholism 20-84%.

Treatment plans for pyrrole disorder are readily available here at Custom Made Medicines, please see our friendly staff for more information or if you wish to undertake the test for pyrroles.


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