Skin Lightening Agents

Melasma is a brown hyperpigmentary skin disorder that usually affects sun exposed areas of the face and neck. Melasma presents as brown or ashen skin patches in women with darker skin tones. Sun damage, birth control pills, pregnancy and estrogen replacement therapy may contribute to this development. A number of topical agents are used to treat the skin pigmentation disorder and help even out skin tone.

All of our facial lightening creams are custom made for your unique particular needs. They are hand made  in our laboratory. We will require a prescription so we can work with your doctor to formulate the most appropriate combination. All other over the counter preparations do not compare to ours in strength or effectiveness.    

We use the following bleaching agents in various concentrations ;

Hydroquinone a agent which inhibits melanin production. Concentrations we use 4-10%.

Azelaic acid up to 20% is anti-keratinising, antibacterial and anti inflammatory. 

Kojic acid 3-10%, inhibiting melanin formation.

Tretinoin  ( 0.025- 0.1% ) a vitamin A derivative used in combination with above agents applied only at night.

Niacinamide, ( 3-5% ) an active form of niacin , Vitamin B3, after four weeks of treatment should reveal a significant decrease in total hyperpigmented areas.

Arbutin similar to hydroquinone has a whitening affect and also anti-ageing properties and filters ultraviolet rays.

Vitamin C, L-Ascorbyl Acid and Derivatives are all inhibitors of melanin production. We use up to 20% of stable ester form of vitamin C at a acidic pH of 3.5 for effective absorption. 

Alpha Hydroxy Acid 4-10% also helps improve absorption of kojic acid, hydroquinone and azelaic acid.

Combination Therapy , we have used topical steroids like fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% to increase the response time when used in combination with tretinoin and hydroquinone.


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