Methylation in a basic science form is taking a methyl group called 5-methyl-tetra-folate and homocysteine and use this to produce tetrahydrofolate and methionine or it may be explained like this “reactions in our metabolism that involve the transfer of a methyl group (a carbon with three hydrogen’s attached) to another molecule. These reactions are required for many of the most vital pathways in our metabolism. The building or repair of every cell in our bodies requires methylation“.

Methylation is essential for more than 100 processes in the body, by offering support and managing processes as detoxification, controlling inflammation, maintaining DNA, immune function, energy production via activating vitamins & minerals, neurotransmitter formation to balance moods.  

Methyl groups are the most important groups we can have in the body. Methylation is what activates certain vitamins and minerals.

Example; Vitamin B12 is useless until it is methylated until the body adds a methyl group,and it is during this methylation process this is done.It thus changes from an inactive form to an active form.

The whole point of the methylation cycle is the liberation of methyl groups.Methyl groups have other roles. They get rid of heavy metals, they protect against problems to DNA and they can kill viral DNA.  If methylation drops very low, we can no longer silence DNA viruses.

Undermethylation  is characterised by low levels of serotonin, dopamine & noradrenaline, and that is why undermethylation can lead to a depletion of these three essential neurotransmitters.

Overmethylation  is the complete opposite with high levels of serotonin , dopamine and noradrenaline.

The current measurement is to look at whole blood histamine. The common biochemistry of an overmethylation is low blood histamine, low basophil count, low plasma zinc, elevated copper, apart from the elevated neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline.    

Signs & symptoms characteristics of overmethylation –  eczema/dry skin, panic attacks or nervousness, easily frustrated with agitation and restlessness leading to depression, hyperactive mind, grandiosity, nil family history,  sleep disorders, hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, learning disabilities, poor achiever and low motivation, poor appetite ,tinnitus, self mutilation & high pain threshold, heavy body hair, lowered libido

The common biochemistry of an undermethylation is high blood histamine, high basophil count, low plasma zinc, elevated serum copper, low homocysteine, high heavy metals and low levels of serotonin , dopamine and noradrenaline.

Signs & symptoms characteristics of undermethylation –  inner tension rather than obvious anxiety, seasonal allergies, highly motivated & perfectionists, can be inflexible , ODD, obsessions can be OCD, delusional behaviours,  addictive  behaviours, at risk of eating disorders, high libido, phobias, sparse body hair and totally catatonic ( no movement ) with depression , frequent headaches, denial of illness.

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