What Is Detox?

Detox is a strategy to improving the state of your health. Everyone varies in their ability to process and eliminate toxins with different toxins impacting on our health in different ways. We provide you with a safe and effective program to help remove toxins via the elimination channels,namely our digestive system, liver & kidneys.  

Why Detox?

  • To reduce the toxic burden from modifying the diet and lifestyles. We try to improve the gut barrier function thus limiting toxins to reaching the liver and kidneys. Avoiding common dietary toxins and allergens such as gluten, food additives/preservatives,  alcohol, coffee or exposure to hazardous chemicals. There also can be an internal load build up via infections or hormonal reasons. The gut may have an imbalance in microbacteria which would affect our digestion, elimination and gut integrity.
  • Improve the detox capacity of the liver,gut,kidneys at a cellular level. The capacity of these organs depends on a range of factors like the nutritional health,the enzymes available to modulate and stimulate,the alkalinity and even receptor sensitivity.
  • Neutralise free radicals which are reactive toxins. This aids the liver for phase 1 of the removal processes. The supplements help protect the gut walls & permeability, reduce bacterial transfer and supports the liver in preparing to neutralise and eliminate.
  • Eliminate waste products via phase 2 detoxification by making toxins more water soluble and  easier to eliminate via bile & urine.   

   Which Detox is for me? 

We can custom make a program for you to suit your individual health needs. It is a structured program from 2 to 6 weeks in duration.  

  • We have 5 different detox programs, our Express Detox Program , a 2 week detox for healthy people simply wanting to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. This program is particularly good for those that have recently over indulged. The Integrative Detox Program is a 4 week program suitable to improve digestive health,liver function and overall health & well being. This is mainly to support digestive health imbalances and improving the microbial balance. Our Specialised Gut Detox  which is a 6 week program for those that suffer from chronic or extensive digestive symptoms in gut flora which are impacting in their health and wellbeing. Our specialised Liver Detox , is also a 6 week program specific to additional liver support to improve health. Our  specialised Chelation Detox another 6 week coursewhich is designed to support those who have been exposed to heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium. This program enhances the removal of these heavy metals.      
  • But First you will need to fill out a questionnaire so we can decide on the right program to focus on for you.
  •  We also provide a diet for you to follow to make it easy.

We will of course monitor your progress,track your symptoms and motivate you throughout your specific program so you can achieve the most out of the program and gain all the health benefits.

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