Harmful forces such as toxic chemicals, viruses, imcomplete proteins, inflammation and immune cells that attack the nervous system, cause havoc upon a child’s brain cells. At the core of this, all 3 systems fail, those of the immune system, gastrointestinal system and the nervous system.

Once these systems have been compromised, they begin to further injure one another in a vicious spiral of interwoven destruction. The destruction includes:

1. Inflammation of the brain and gastrointestinal tract

2. Viral infiltration of the brain and gastrointestinal tract

3. Severe nutritional deficiencies

4. Food reactions that have neurological consequences

5. Auto-immune attacks upon the brain and body

6. Immune system overactivity and underactivity

7. Under nourished muscle tissue

The healing programme we operate create recoveries by:

1. Eliminating further exposure to toxins

2. Flushing existing toxins out of the system, primarily by detoxifying and restoring the miracle of methylation

3. Healing the damage that toxins have triggered

4. Restoring proper function of the nervous system, immune system and gastrointestinal tract

The healing programme offers 4 synergistic elements:

1. Nutritional therapy: changing diets to optimize physical and neurological health, and rebalance the metabolism.

2. Supplementation therapy: using nutritional supplements to maximise the benefits of dietary changes, compensating for nutrient deficiences and nutrient dependencies, and to support the immune system, GIT and nervous system.

3. Detoxification: removing toxic materials from the body, to stop the biochemical assault upon the nervous system, immune system, and GIT, thereby restoring proper function of these systems.

4. Medication: natural and pharmacologic options to eliminate pathogens, enhance neurological function, support immune system and to help control various physical dysfunctions such as bowel dysbiosis.

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