At last, the secret to a younger, more energetic, sexy you is revealed!

Women and men from mid 40’s onwards, with pressures of work, relationships and family demands are low in energy and mood. Why should you feel like this when we can do a series of simple checks and tests to re-balance your hormones or biochemistry so that you can feel 20 years younger!

Case 1:

Kylie, a 45 year old single mum working on her farming property, was chronically tired, depressed and overweight despite her continual attemps to change and re-balance this.

We worked with Kylie, obtaining her lab results from previous GP visits and got her to fill out a specific questionnaire that pinpointed her areas of need. With a few telephone consults, we were able to tailor her recovery and rejuvinate her to repair her underfunctioning adrenal glands and clean up her diet in order to help her lose abnormal fat deposits, eventually incorporating a sensible weekly exercise plan.

Now, 4 months on, Kylie has an increased libido, is in a serious relationship, has freed up time to spend with her kids and is a happy and vibrant young mum!

We invite you today to come and experience our integrative, patient focused approach here at Custom Made Medicine.

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