Your individual balance of nutrients will govern your mood, mind set, motivation and brain health. You need to look at the reason why a body process is failing you, supplement and treat those precursors that produce that final chemical messenger.

Your nutritional balance is that chemical messenger, be it hormone, neurotransmitter or immune defence protein that will determine overall health.

At custom made medicine, we will analyse your bloods/urine or saliva and ensure your metabolic processes are functioning. The information your body presents will be analysed and then a tailored solution of nutritionals will be compounded to start the process to good health. Your genetics are set, it’s the environment that pulls the trigger to harm the bodies healthy function. We can alleviate the oxidative stress, eliminate toxic build up and allow that precious biochemistry to function like it was meant too. Don’t feel tired, anxious, depressed or angry any longer we have a solution for you!

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