Monthly Woes

Written by Maria Zaknich

Sitting down with my daughters to do homework, my 10 year old was asked the meaning of the word peevish. Looking it up in the dictionary, she says “having or showing an irritable disposition” 

“Great” I said, “Do you know what it means now” “Yes” she said, “Like you get mummy!” Needless to say I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Was I really peevish? Not all the time, I tried convincing myself, but it’s hard to persuade yourself when a child’s innocence enables them to see the world clearer than what we do. The truth is, that most rushing women are driven by the hormone oestrogen, and high levels of oestrogen with low levels progesterone can cause havoc in most women. Looking at our menstrual cycle, oestrogen is the dominant hormone in the cycle from day 1 to day 14. Progesterone is the dominant hormone from just after mid cycle until the onset of menstruation. Biologically both hormones have other pivotal roles in our body other than for reproduction. But when they aren’t in sync it can unleash chaos on your body to the point where you seem like you have no control over your own body or mind.  Oestrogen dominance is the basis of PMS (premenstrual syndrome, which we women know very well!!) when she rules the roost a woman can suffer irregular periods, bloating, decreased libido, irritability, anger and depression and weight gain.  Progesterone deficiency can pretty much lead to the same symptoms, more likely because the signs of both oestrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency commonly occur together. Our  hormone levels throughout our life are constantly fluctuating and influences all around us can alter the way our hormones change. Stress is a huge precursor for hormonal imbalance, as is a poor diet and excessive environmental exposure like synthetic hormone replacement therapy, the contraceptive pill, even pesticides or chemicals in foods. Progesterone when in optimal levels is a powerful antidepressant and anti anxiety hormone, and when we miss out on their  wonderful benefits, you get that peevish mum that frequently feels overwhelmed, has constant meltdowns or bursts with anger every single month! Hormonal imbalances are the most common complaints in every woman’s life, and sometimes  it happens without you even perceiving it. Our job as a mother, as a wife, as a worker, is to push forward and habitually repress our feelings. Instead what we need to do is to set the balance straight and laugh again at the chaos and mishaps life throws at us and never ever sweat the small stuff again.

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