This year I turn 40!!!  Dreaded 40!!. Maybe it’s just me, but I am finding the thought of saying goodbye to my thirties quite depressing. Those that have reached this milestone have imparted pearls of wisdom worth sharing. Apparently when you hit 40 the body goes through changes unbeknown to us, we lose muscle mass and bone density and unfortunately gain weight. Our eye sight and hearing begins to deteriorate, as we acquire  more wrinkles and more grey hairs. The fluctuating and declining  hormone levels will send most women cuckoo, and quite possibly the saddest is our derriere will never sit where it once sat before!

As distressing as this all seems, I still get quite amused whenever I complain to my husband about my impending date, that he lovingly threatens to trade me in for a younger model. As I exercise quite regularly to avoid being traded in, the one thing I have noticed in the last few months  is that the niggles and stiffness I once brushed off and deemed nothing worth noting, tend to linger longer and wreak havoc with my everyday life. My joints have started to creak and there are aches where they never existed before. Where once I ignored the symptoms and got on with my day, these days I tend to have to treat the pain before it gets any worse.

There are generally two types of ailments for any muscular aches and pains. An anti inflammatory tablet and a cream. NSAIDS or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used to manage the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis or muscular injuries. These tablets, though effective, do not come without causing unwanted side effects, such as gastro intestinal upsets and cause added pressure on kidney function. They are contraindicated or not intended to be used by those with aspirin sensitivities/allergies as well as asthmatics, and people suffering cardiovascular problems . These medications also have the ability to interact with other medications hence causing undesirable reactions. In order to minimise the side effects commonly seen with these tablets or for those who cannot use this line of treatment a cream is often prescribed.

An anti-inflammatory cream works in reducing inflammation and easing muscular pain in the same way as its counterpart tablet does but without the unwanted side effects. Categorically the reduction of side effects by using a cream is quite significant in pain treatment as the cream can be applied in a localised area and rather than having an effect on the entire body will only work on the area you have applied it to. Unfortunately most creams will also only be effective short term for pain. Herein lies the good bit.

Not all creams are made  the same. Any anti inflammatory cream purchased over the counter at the pharmacy or supermarket is far less superior than those compounded by Custom Made Medicine. Multiple active ingredients is just one of the reasons these creams are more effective. The other is the base that it is combined with. The lipoderm base allows the active ingredients to permeate the skin deeper than other bases. Ultra fine particles of the active ingredients in this superior base has proven to penetrate through several layers of skin that no current cream on the market can rival. This in itself allows the cream to be localised in an area with  higher concentration of the drug at the site of application and lower concentrations throughout the body.

The result is simply that of an NSAID taken orally but in the form of a cream bypassing all the negative side effects associated with an oral tablet. The most fascinating aspect is that in order to achieve the same result, you would have to take quite large quantities of your oral anti inflammatories to yield the same result as using this compounded cream custom made for you. So as my 40 years draw near and the road ahead seems daunting, there will be no need for replacing me by any younger model as this older, slightly weary, but more experienced model is here to stay, and will be tweaked, assisted and supported as required to feel the very best I can by my good friends at Custom Made Medicine.

See the staff at Custom Made Medicine for any information regarding their unique compounded creams for arthritis, muscular pains or any other ailment.

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