Spring is by far my favourite season. I eagerly stumble out of winters depression and dormancy right into the throes of spring fever! Something wonderful happens to me when there’s a warmer change in the air. I suddenly have a burst of energy, determined to strip the house of the clutter that hibernating all winter in my pyjamas has brought. With this uncontrollable surge of energy comes an invigoration and restlessness that transpires into both wanting to write endless lists of things to do, see and achieve as well as sleeping less, eating less and just getting outdoors and soaking up the current that the long and balmy days will bring.

Springtime sees the beginning of flowers and trees blooming, and as their pollen is released into the atmosphere, if you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, that means that spring for you will also bring sneezing, congestion, runny nose, watering eyes  and other troubling symptoms. Allergic Rhinitis or “Hay fever” as we know it ,is the worst kind of spring ‘fever’ to have and affects up to 15% of the Australian population yearly. Though it is primarily a seasonal condition, some can suffer hay fever all year round due to  their allergies to dust mites, animals or even mould.

Most sufferers of hay fever as well as other allergies have probably traced through the aisles of most pharmacies and supermarkets and have used one of the four main treatments used daily for allergy symptoms..

  1. An intranasal corticosteroid spray
  2. A sedating or non-sedating antihistamine
  3. Eye drops
  4. Decongestant nasal spray            

But have we delved deep enough to understand what happens in our body to give us these allergies and try to treat the cause rather than simplify things by just masking the symptoms?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction! Your nose acts as a filter. The tiny hairs and mucus that line the nasal passage ways trap dust and filter foreign pathogens such as germs, and spores. A person with hay fever is allergic to particles that get trapped in the nose such as pollen. When this happens the  immune system is sent into overdrive. The bodies immune system mistakes this allergen, which is harmless,  as a serious threat and begins its attack, leading to the release of chemicals which then  cause the inflamed, runny nose , itching and watery eyes and so forth.  

The immune system is the bodies natural defence system. And when the immune system is out of balance or not working at optimal levels, allergic reactions such as hay fever may result. 

 A large portion of our immune system is located around our gut, so naturally  the key to a healthy immune system and preventing hay fever as well as other allergies is to keep our gut, or digestive system  healthy. By changing the constitution of the bacteria that is present in our gut, it may also prevent the immune system from flaring up in response to otherwise harmless allergens like pollen. It may also assist in reducing the inflammatory response in the nasal mucous membranes and may alleviate symptoms of hay fever.  Keeping our immune system regulated  is as easy as promoting a healthy digestive tract, and this can be done by supplementing beneficial “good bacteria” by using high dose probiotics, as well as eating a diet rich in prebiotics that will stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system.

Spring with all of its glories is well worth the wait for me. After the dispiriting and bleak never ending winter, the whole world springs back to life again. I step outside and  see the world coloured in high definition  and my zest for life is renewed again. Spring is by far my favourite season!


Come and see the staff at Custom Made Medicine who will  provide you with advice on how to  promote  and benefit from a healthier digestive tract or for help in repairing your guts health by supplementation and nutritional advice. They will also be able to assist you in supporting and boosting the immune system and alleviating the symptoms of hay fever or any other allergies you might suffer from

Written by Maria Zaknich


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