Christmas seems like a distant memory with the tree packed up and the lights pulled down, and all the festivities associated with that jovial season sadly ended.With its passing, the cheer and delight have been replaced by the ho-hum of routined life.

The kiddies are back at school, and the fridge and cupboard have been re-stocked for school lunches and afternoon delights. All the busy mums are back on their hamster wheel. Unfortunately for me, the cupboards and fridges are not the only things bulging. Looking down at my newly manicured fuchsia toes I couldn’t help but notice the little pot belly I inherited over the holiday season. The slight, yet somewhat distinct protrusion was part and parcel of the never ending celebratory drinks and meals and the over indulgence that usually accompanies such holidays or in my case, most weekends!

Getting the kids organised for school, packing lunches, washing uniforms, covering books can be tedious as it can be tiresome. I put my lack of energy, my bloating and my constant craving for sugar down to my unwanted souvenir the holidays  gave me(remember that bulge?) but looking at the long term, is it healthy for me to carry on like this?

When we eat food the body breaks it down into basic nutrients. Protein to amino acids, dietary fats into fatty acids and carbohydrates into glucose. These then make it to the bloodstream. Once there, they are moved into the muscle or fat cells to be used immediately as energy or stored for later use. Insulin, a hormone produced by our pancreas is the key in moving  these nutrients into the cells and is released anytime food is eaten. Insulin also works as a fat storage hormone. It will store fat on the abdomen,hips and thighs and puts aside any excess carbohydrate calories in the body as fat. Insulin also makes it impossible for your body to use its own stored body fat for energy, as it does not release any stored fat. In simple terms,  too much insulin equates with too much fat! Todays diets are laden with processed sugars and high carbohydrate content, and when we consume a diet high in carbohydrates such as pasta, breads, rice, breakfast cereals, alcohol, sugars and fruits, our body requires higher amounts of insulin to be released and hence more fat storage occurs.

Over time, insulin may not work as well as it should and the cells of the body become resistant to insulin thus not absorbing it. This leads to excess glucose circulating in our blood and as the pancreas keeps producing insulin the glucose in the blood keeps increasing. This leads to a condition called insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes due to elevated  levels of insulin in our bloodstream. Fortunately diabetes may be preventable if we diagnose insulin resistance early and manage it by making simple changes in our health and lifestyle.

So how do we shift those love handles, prevent the bulge and improve our chances of weight loss?? 

In conjunction with a restricted carbohydrate and calorie diet, compounded, sublingual, weight loss drops taken every day will  advance your metabolism, decrease your hunger and reduce your cravings. The body will clear stored fat by pushing it through the bloodstream and using it as energy. High energy levels are common whilst on the drops due to your body using your fat as fuel. Most people on the drops will see accelerated weight loss in the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. These are the hardest areas to lose fat on with any other conventional weight loss regime.

Every new year starts with a resolution, and if you’re anything like me, generally every Monday does too! Needless to say, mine is the same at the beginning of every year, and at the beginning of every week.. This time though I won’t be chasing every new fad diet that comes along and I won’t be drinking countless shakes or popping endless diet pills. I’m going to be mindful of what I eat and what I drink and I will not over indulge in excess on every occasion!……ok…..maybe just the special ones!!


Come and see the staff at Custom Made Medicine to discuss your weight loss goals and to get advice on what will work best to improve and maintain your body weight. The staff are ready to walk you through special diet plans and discuss special compounded formulations to assist you in achieving your optimal weight and help you to be in the best shape of your life.Written By Maria Zaknich B.Pharm, Custom Made Medicine

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